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In Sickness and in Health: Love, Disability, and a Quest to Understand the Perils and Pleasures of Interabled Romance
Ben Mattlin
In Sickness and in Health is more than an “inspiring” story of how a man born with spinal muscular atrophy-a congenital and incurable neuromuscular condition-survived childhood, graduated from Harvard, married an able-bodied woman, built a family with two daughters and a cat and a turtle, established a successful career in journalism, and lived happily ever after. As Mattlin considers the many times his relationship has been met with surprise or speculation by outsiders-those who consider his wife a “saint” or him just plain “lucky” for finding love-he issues a challenge to readers- why should the idea of an “interabled” couple be regarded as either tragic or noble?

Kissability: People with Disabilities Talk About Sex, Love, and Relationships
Katherine Duke
In Kissability, Katherine Duke and 40 other individuals from around the world open up about their bodies, minds, and hearts. Their words interweave to create a book about differences and common bonds, about inner selves and outward appearances, about change and acceptance—and about the many ways that people need and connect with one another.

On the Beat of Truth: A Hearing Daughter’s Stories of Her Black Deaf Parents
Maxine Childress Brown
As an African American woman born in 1943, Maxine Childress Brown possessed a unique vantage point to witness the transformative events in her parents’ lives. Both came from the South — her father, Herbert Childress, from Nashville, TN, and her mother, Thomasina Brown, from Concord, NC. The oldest of three daughters, Maxine was fascinated by her parents’ stories. She marveled at how they raised a well-respected, middle-class family in the midst of segregation with the added challenge of being deaf.

Disability and the Black Community
Sheila D. Miller
Disability and the Black Community addresses physical, mental, and learning disabilities experienced across age, gender, and ethics groups by the Black race in the United States. This unique book works to increase understanding and awareness of those working with the disabled by mobilizing advocates, providing alternatives for successful intervention and planning, and encouraging research in disability and rehabilitation. Disability and the Black Community raises the level of understanding and awareness of the complex and diverse concerns facing the disabled and their families in the community and the workplace. The book is at once motivational, influential, and empowering, examining social and political issues that compound the ordeals confronting the Black disabled.

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