Safeway believes well-being is for everyone, which is why we are launching the Sincerely Health platform to help customers eat, live, and feel better, all while rewarding healthy choices with grocery coupons and discounts.

Our Sincerely Health Platform provides the insights customers need to understand how diet and lifestyle impact one’s body & mind.

  • Eat Better: Learn about mindful eating and lifestyle diets and choose foods that support your needs.
  • Live Better: See how behavior and lifestyle choices can impact your health. Define your goals, track progress via connected devices, and gain actionable insights.
  • Feel Better: Manage prescriptions and refills, stay up to date on vaccines, and connect virtually with healthcare providers, all from the enhanced pharmacy experience.
  • Get Rewarded: Receive grocery coupons for actions like creating an account, linking your pharmacy account, and more. You can also earn Healthy Points for progressing through goals and completing other healthy activities, which can be redeemed for more grocery discounts.
  • Get Peace of Mind: Your information is protected and secured. Please see our Privacy Policy and HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices to learn more.

The Sincerely Health platform is free to participate in, and can be accessed in our Safeway app. 

Once in the Safeway App select the ‘Health’ icon to be taken to the Health Dashboard. In the dashboard you will be prompted to create a personal health and pharmacy account. 

Once your account is set up, complete the Health Survey to receive a personalized Health Score.  Your personal Health Score helps you understand how your daily behaviors and lifestyle may affect your health and well-being. 

You can use this score to create goals in the Health Dashboard. Health goals fall into the four categories of Activity, Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Sleep. Once you have set specific goals you will be notified throughout the day for check-ins on your various goals.

Many of the goals in the Activity, Sleep, or Lifestyle categories can be tracked directly from your connected device. If you don’t want to connect to a device, you can also manually track your activities.

Starting and completing goals will earn you ‘Healthy Points’ which can be redeemed for grocery coupons designed to help encourage you and your personal goals. 

Another way to enhance your overall experience is by connecting your pharmacy account to the Safeway app. This account will be set up in conjunction with your Health Dashboard. 

 By connecting your pharmacy account, you can view and manage your prescriptions, request refills, receive refill reminders, access vaccination and immunizations records, schedule appointments for vaccines and immunizations, and locate Safeway pharmacies.

Safeway’s Sincerely Health Mission is to improve people’s lives by making healthier living a possibility. ​​​​​​​We are committed to people’s wellbeing by purposefully integrating their daily actions, nutrition and health needs to offer personalized and inspiring choices so they can live healthier lives.

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