St. Lucian Prime Minister Allen Chastanet
St. Lucian Prime Minister Allen Chastanet (Wikimedia Commons)

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced that Saint Lucians will go to the polls on Monday, July 26. Nomination day will be on July 16, the Prime Minister said in a recent address to the nation.
He said that in keeping with the requirements of the constitution, he advised the governor-general to dissolve parliament and issue the writ of elections.
“The circumstances of life as we know it now will mark this as one of the most important elections that any of us alive is likely to face in our lifetime,” Chastanet asserted.“We truly are at a crossroad.”
According to Chastanet, it was important that people listen and evaluate the plans and programs being put forward by the political parties.
He explained that the upcoming poll is not an ordinary one.
“This is an election for the ages,” he said. “While the Labor Party has been beating pans, we have been busy making plans and these plans are for your future, plans which are designed to help hard-working Saint Lucians and to develop our country by moving it forward.” he declared.
The opposition Saint Lucia Labor Party (SLP) responded to the announcement of the election date with a post on its official Facebook page.
“Saint Lucia, we are ready to serve. Finally, June 26, 2021. We are ready,” declared the SLP, which has been clamoring for Chastanet to “ring the bell.”

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