Smokey Robinson (Courtesy photo)
Smokey Robinson (Courtesy photo)

After five decades of crafting legendary hits for himself and others, Smokey Robinson is now branching out to the skin care business.

The iconic soul singer’s Skinphonic skin care line, created with the goal of “finding your skin’s natural harmony,” has specifically been formulated for skin of people of color, according to the website.

“I go through a lot of things that are detrimental to skin,” he said. “My job is grueling.”

Tired of facing oft-ignored black skin issues, Robinson and wife Frances developed a plan that would work for all skin types, including softening fine lines, reducing hyperpigmentation and brightening skin tones in as little as two weeks.

After two years of trial and error, the duo, who originally developed the line exclusively for themselves, have set sail to produce a lineup that heavily features various components of retinol for quick results.

“We did this very selfishly,” Frances said, People magazine reported. “We did this for ourselves in the beginning because my husband and I were using many products — and nothing worked. Like Smokey, I’ve had many problems with my skin, such as hyperpigmentation from sun poisoning.”

The line consists of six products that pay homage to Robinson-penned hits, including “Get Ready, Cause Here I Come” cleanser, moisturizer and treatment for men, and “My Girl” cleanser, moisturizer and treatment for women, which are currently only sold as sets, priced at $89.99 each.

Though the line features components for women, the singer also pushed for a simple male skin line, in an effort to get men to take better care of themselves.

“Men are not as conscious of taking care of their skin as women,” Robinson told “Since I’ve been using the product, it has smoothed my skin out. I’m black, I ash, I play golf, I’m out in the sun, I do all that kind of stuff, and my skin is smooth.”

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