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R&B singer and stage legend Stephanie Mills recently voiced her opinion on Kanye West’s run for president and the support he’s gotten from reality TV star Nick Cannon.
Mills, who created an Instagram video to share her feelings, started by expressing empathy for West who has bipolar disorder.
“First, I know that Kanye is suffering mentally. I know that he’s swinging high and low and I really pray and hope that he gets help,” Mills stated. “But I must say that I’m disappointed because if he’s trying to help our community by running for president, it’s not helping our community. He’s not qualified to be president. Neither is the person at the White House at this time.”
Mills said that Cannon, who recently told TMZ that he “loves” the idea of Kanye running for president, doesn’t understand. “For you to come out and do what you did, like supporting Kanye, what is that?”
She added that she didn’t understand the pair.
“Kanye’s being paid to do what he’s doing. Now are we to believe that you’re also being paid to be a distraction? You guys are acting like little boys in a sandbox with toys,” Mills said. “But being that you’re acting like that, as a mother, I would like to say, take your toys go home and sit down and get help. Get therapy.”
Mills, who also touched on how people are suffering during the deadly coronavirus pandemic, added that Cannon should know better.
“Because you’ve learned and listened to the teachings. We have no time for you two to be out here acting like little paid slaves. I said it.”

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