reading in bed

(Maine News Study) – A comparative study was carried out to know the effects of reading regular books versus e-books. Researchers from Harvard Medical School affirmed that book-lovers thinking to relax with e-books can face opposite outcomes.

They can be detrimental for one’s health. Study’s lead researcher Professor Charles Czeisler said they noticed readers who read light-emitting tablets or electronic reading devices in darkness before bedtime were less attentive next morning in comparison to those who read printed books.

“The light emitted by most e-readers is shining directly in to the eyes of the reader, whereas a printed book or the original Kindle, the reader is only exposed to reflected light from the pages of the book”, affirmed Czeisler.

Czeisler affirmed that e-books disturb sleep and also, affects overall health. Study researchers affirmed that lack of sleep has been linked to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes and cancer.


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