For those working on their tax returns at the last minute, you have an extra three days to spare.

The deadline to file taxes to the Internal Revenue Service always rests on April 15, but the day falls on a Saturday this year.

Usually, the deadline to file would fall on a Monday in that case. However, the District celebrates Emancipation Day on Monday, April 17, which pays homage to the city abolishing slavery and also shuts down the government.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, legal holidays in the District affect the filing deadline nationwide.

Last year, the District holiday fell on Friday, April 15, which ordinarily would have pushed the nationwide filing deadline to the following day. However, the day fell on a Saturday and the IRS moved the deadline to Monday, April 18.

As a reminder, the IRS recommends taxpayers to keep all copies of prior tax returns from at least three years.

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