Lyndia Grant
Lyndia Grant

Lyndia Grant
by Lyndia Grant
Special to the NNPA from The Washington Informer

Faith in action is the topic of discussion for this column. I’m amazed and delighted when I can help others understand how to bring your faith to reality! Just think, all of us have dreams we wish we were able to obtain, however, most of us don’t believe we can; in other words, it’s only a daydream. You don’t think even in your wildest dreams, you could put together a plan to help you realize this dream.

Let’s take a look at people around us who are living their dreams today. Whether they are school teachers, doctors, nurses, secretaries, or janitors; each one set out to achieve a specific goal, they applied faith by making the necessary steps to achieve this dream. And based on their level of faith, they’ve achieved exactly what they believed they deserved.

Where you are today may not look or feel good, but you did it.  You were the one responsible for the thoughts, the actions that caused you to be what and who you are today.  We control our own minds, except when we allow someone else to take over. And when we do this, it is by permission only.  Remember when you allowed someone else to dominate your thoughts? It was still your fault. You and only you must control your mind.

When you are in the worse situation, you can still maintain a positive outlook for your future, and somehow, the Lord, the universe or source will honor that faith you have maintained.

It’s like the late President Mandela, though he was imprisoned for 27 years, it is obvious he went to a positive place in his thoughts. And though he may not have understood what was happening to him, he obviously had the faith and he applied that faith in order for him to come out of prison and someday be able to help his people the way he did.

We don’t need to know how we will accomplish what it is God has placed in our hearts, just follow His lead, one step at a time. The scripture reminds us when it says “Lean not to your own understanding, and in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” Mr. Mandela did.

The Lord directed his path, and we will not likely see another hero like him in our lifetime. You too could be chosen to do something extraordinary.

Use such an example for yourself; you’re never too old. It’s extremely encouraging to consider that no matter what the odds including prison, like Mandela, we can rise above it and still achieve.

In fact his prison time catapulted him; being away from society for so long; to still be able to come forth and achieve in the manner he did proves how much faith President Mandela had.

If he had not the faith, he wouldn’t have tried to run for the office of president of the country; he had to have the faith to organize a political campaign and to raise the funds; he had to have the faith that not only black Africans would vote for him but white Africans would vote for him as well.

President Mandela had faith; he applied his faith; and the rest is history. What a marvelous example of a “man of great faith” one who never gave up on his dream. He went to prison to rid his country of apartheid; then when he came out, he continued and finally he succeeded. Turned an entire country upside down, then he was elected to the top office of the country, the Office of President of South Africa!

Lyndia Grant is an author, inspirational and motivational speaker, radio talk show host and columnist; visit her new website and, call 202-518-3192. Tune in Fridays at 6 p.m., to the radio talk show, 1340 AM, WYCB, a Radio One Station.

Lyndia Grant

A seasoned radio talk show host, national newspaper columnist, and major special events manager, Lyndia is a change agent. Those who experience hearing messages by this powerhouse speaker are changed forever!

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