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And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. — Genesis 2:23

Sorors of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. will gather in Detroit from July 23-28 to celebrate our 75th anniversary. Members will paint the town pink and blue!

Having given hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships over these 75 years, this sorority continues to give even more hours of community service helping others in categories such as domestic violence, breast cancer support, serving as mentors for students, honoring our senior citizens, and teaching our youth through our national youth auxiliaries called Rose Buds, Phi-Teens, Junior Cavaliers and Cavaliers. The National Youth Meeting will convene at the same time the Sorority is holding its National Meeting. Let us take a look at how this exciting, business and professional sorority began.

Elizabeth A. Garner and Violet T. Lewis, founders of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc., were women of faith. These two African-American women took a leap of faith and established Lewis Business College. That act alone had faith that the college would succeed and help members of the community improve their employment prospects through education while learning social skills needed to navigate the business world as “refined, cultured” women. In February 1943, these two visionary women once again stepped out on faith to establish a sorority for women who were continuing their education but not at a four-year institution. Our national theme is “The Power of Vision: Empowering Women and Inspiring Leaders.”

Ms. Garner and Dr. Lewis firmly believed that these young women deserved the opportunity to experience the same sisterhood that those attending four-year institutions experienced. Thus, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. was founded in February 1943 at Detroit’s Lewis Business College. The women of Gamma Phi Delta are women who step out on faith daily making positive contributions in their respective communities, doing what some say cannot be done, and standing up and supporting those who need help throughout the country. May Gamma Phi Delta Sorority continue to “keep the faith” that we can do all things that are laid on hearts and hands to accomplish.

It gives me pleasure to serve as the national president of the Gamma Phi Delta Foundation, Inc. My national board of directors has planned a cruise on the Detroit Princess Riverboat to raise funds to support Mason Academy in Detroit. The Foundation will purchase uniforms for needy students deserving of a new uniform.

Recently, the Gamma Phi Delta Foundation installed in the sorority headquarters, located at 2657 West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, across from Motown’s Hitsville, USA, the “Willie B. Kennedy Tree of Life” in memory of the late Gordon Gillespie, who died after suffering a long illness. He was the son of the late Dr. Marjorie L. Harris, daughter of our Founder, Dr. Violet T. Lewis. Anyone interested in buying a leaf, engraved with your name, prominently displayed in the Gamma Phi Delta Sorority’s national headquarters can make the purchase for the small cost of $265. One-hundred percent of proceeds from the sale of leaves will go toward helping underprivileged youth.

The national president of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. is Lenor R. Reese from Mu Omicron chapter of Northern Virginia. We are so pleased to have the first national president from the East Coast since the business and professional sorority began.

Congratulations to our national president! Members are excited about the upcoming training workshops, luncheons as we honor leaders from the city of Detroit. It has been my pleasure to serve as a member since 1981.

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