Shanquella Robinson
Shanquella Robinson

Mexican authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a friend of 25-year-old American tourist Shanquella Robinson, whose injuries from an alleged beating led to her death while with a group of friends on vacation in Cabo, Mexico. Robinson’s parents credit Black social media users for amplifying the case and getting the attention of authorities. What are your thoughts?

Alicia Renee, Detroit

I think they should all be charged, including those that watched and took video, and I’m glad it’s a Mexican prison, not a cushy U.S. jail.

Angelita Houston, Washington, D.C.

Everyone in that room should be charged! Watching, filming, FaceTiming, and then leaving her there to slowly die is just sick! Our young people have to get better. 

James LeDay, Lake Charles, La.

Some love to watch those fight videos and don’t care what happens to the folks involved as long as they’re entertained.

Rennee Johnson, Washington, D.C.

This story has so many layers. I’m thankful her family did not let this go, and they are bringing national attention. It’s sad that you can’t travel with friends and think you’re OK.

Pamela Lucas, Chicago

This has truly brought me to tears. They set her up and wanted her to die. Truly malicious. I sincerely hope each of them will serve time in a Mexican prison. I pray they are so troubled by what they have done that they have no peace until they turn themselves in.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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  1. I’m glad that her parents didn’t let this go and i think all of them should go to jail and i heard the jail over there is nothing nice so I’m glad there going to jail see who gets the last laugh since they thought it was funny daejanae said was a man well she not just had a baby now when the child see her again he are she can call her dad because she not getting out straight and nazeer can come out like the b he is khlli him to i have friends for over twenty five years and we would of never turned are back on each other prayers to the Robinson family

  2. Yes I agree, all of them should receive some kind of punishment because they sat there and watch while she was beating up, none of them had heart to stop the madness and I think all of them should get some kind of judgment

  3. I Have Two Young Adult Granddaughters and Grandson After and Before This Story Made Headlines That Everyone Who Claim To Be Your Friends Are Not Im Truly Sadden Any Parent Have To Experience Such Pain And Lost Of There Child Who Coul Have Offered So Much In The Worl I Pray Justice Will Prevail For. THE Family!!!

    1. All the people should be charged.I think it was a setup my personal opinion.Those so call friends she knew and no one helped her? God bless her family for pushing Mexico to prosecut
      Like her father said all he can do is fight for her.This story is so disturbing in so many ways.If those people are suppose to be your friends I would hate to see what her enemies would do.Prayers to her family for losing their beautiful and only child!Justice for Shanquella and her family!

  4. Yes I truly think all who was there filming, and enjoying themselves should all be charged with premeditated murder. Who need friends like that, no one, and it’s really sad she had to be taken away so viciously. To all that was there your day will come, and it will not be nice remember that’s for real. To the family of this beautiful person God will give you all solitude and justice for her.
    God Bless
    Remember she is at peace now in our father’s arms now, watching over you guys.

  5. Yes, all of those involved from whom she was fighting with. From people video recording it.! To all in the room that watched and did nothing to stop it.! And all that lied to her parents about what happened to her! They all need go to jail for along time as much as each of them can get! For causing this young lady senseless death!! They all need to be accountability for this situation!! Bless all the families! From the victim to the rest of them thier lives will never be them same ever!

  6. My heart goes out to THE FAMILY
    MY this young lady soul be put to rest I am glad that the family is finally getting some sort of closure but for everyone that’s involved yes they all should serve sometime in a Mexican jail and I truly believe that they set that girl up got her there to do this to her I truly believe this with planned all alone and I hope like hell they suffer for what they have done to this young lady and her family

  7. I think all them should be charge with her death because none of them try to call for help it’s was all fun to them I hate that happen to her they are going to get what coming to all of them I hope every time the close there eyes they see her face acting like they are her friends

  8. I hope AAALLLLL of them get charged. They are all guilty of her death, even her so called best friend. I am just so glad they will be serving their time In a foreign prison. I hope every second of they serve is pure hell. I’m waiting for the day they start serving their sentences.

  9. To know people you think is your friend had that kind of Hatred in their Heart for you to a point ware none of them would try to Stop the Madness make me Sick to My Stomach .
    They deserve whatever happens to them.

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