President Joe Biden signed a bill last week officially making Juneteenth a federal holiday. The reception to the news has been mixed. What are your thoughts?

Ginny Kane, Washington, D.C.

Sign a bill that gives Black people land, resources and money. And put forth, pass and sign a reparations bill.

Shonna Lovett, Charleston, S.C.

Awesome! Can we please secure voting rights for the communities being waged against by Republicans who know they can’t win without disenfranchisement?

Cecil Taborn, Springfield, Ill.

This is window dressing. How about addressing systemic racism?

Carrie M. Salvary, Atlanta

Symbolic gesture. Now for substance … a George Floyd act, voting rights, infrastructure, etc. We’re not satisfied with just symbolism anymore.

Gabrielle Marie, Shelbyville, Tenn.

The thing is, we didn’t need them to make it a federal holiday. It’s a special day without having to get the white man’s approval. We asked for legislation to be passed that would protect our lives. And they give us this. It’s a nice gesture but we don’t need holidays and painted roads … we need real change.

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