After newly appointed Howard University College of Fine Arts Dean Phylicia Rashad voiced support for Bill Cosby following his release from prison, some have called for Rashad to step down for showing insensitivity to sexual assault survivors. What are your thoughts?
Jay T., Washington, D.C.
Be clear, even before his release, she has never hidden her support for him. Her stance was clear upon her appointment as dean.
Jamila Thompson, Baltimore
She earned her credibility as an artist, mentor and supporter of so many in the arts, including Howard students. Professionally, she is awesome, her knowledge and experience as an artist is priceless, regardless of her difference of opinion on the matter. It would be their loss when you consider what young artists could learn. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Barbara Smith, Washington, D.C.
She has free speech rights. Leave the lady alone.
Joyce Dillon, Canton, Ohio
No, she should not step down! They can voice their opinion, but she can’t? The new prosecutor thought he would make a name for himself as being the person that brought down Bill Cosby. Now, because of his legal mistake and his rush to make a name for himself, Bill Cosby has been released.
M. Arbuckle, Boston
She has her opinion. You don’t have to agree. If she gets canceled over an opinion about someone she worked with and had a close relationship with, then we have gone too far.

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