Thirty-three years after 13 of their loved ones were gunned down in one of the most violent shootings in KwaZulu-Natal, the Ntuli family has received the title deeds to their brand-new home.

Philanthropist and businessman Vivian Reddy handed over the title deeds of a home to 76-year-old Ethel Ntuli, The Daily News reported Nov. 6.

Ntuli and her family, who survived the ordeal, were left destitute and fearing for their lives after their time at a safe house had come to an end. Reddy assisted the family by purchasing a five-bedroom home. Last week, he handed over the title deeds to the family.

“Baba Reddy, I bless your mother and her womb that gave birth to you. You are God’s gift to mankind, He blessed you to be a blessing to so many. You didn’t have to, for you didn’t even know us, yet on hearing of our plight came to our aid,” Ethel Ntuli said.

Reddy was humbled by Ntuli’s remarks and said such acts of philanthropy over the past three decades is what gives him purpose in life.

“A rich man is poor if they do not share their wealth no matter how little to uplift the less fortunate,” Reddy added.

Ntuli recounted that dreadful day that sent shockwaves throughout the world as the brutality of the apartheid forces was exposed.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the warrant of arrest that was served on former Defense Minister Magnus Malan and top apartheid generals in connection with the massacre.

According to, January 21,1987, several men armed with AK47 assault rifles killed 13 people, including seven children, in a house in KwaMakhutha. At the time Archie Gumede, a United Democratic Front (UDF) leader, claimed that the attack had been aimed at Victor Ntuli, the 21-year-old founder, treasurer and area organizer of the Kwamakhutha Youth League (KYL). He was not home at the time.

The KYL was affiliated to the UDF, a leading liberation organization at the time. During this period the IFP feared a loss of support, and the violence of vigilante IFP attacks increased. According to the UDF, Ntuli had been the earlier target of an unsuccessful attack by people he had identified as IFP members.

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