(Courtesy The Walking Dead Facebook Page)
(Courtesy The Walking Dead Facebook Page)


(EW.com)—[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only of you have already watched Sunday’s “Spend” episode of The Walking Dead.]

Another one bites the dust. And this time, due to no fault of his own. Noah and Glenn found themselves trapped in a revolving door surrounded by zombies on Sunday’s “Spend” episode of The Walking Dead, with scaredy cat Nicholas stuck on the opposite side. But when Nicholas decided to save himself rather than stick to Glenn’s plan that would have freed all three of them, Noah was grabbed by the walkers and eaten, while a horrified and helpless Glenn watched through the glass.

It was a death that was as emotionally disturbing as it was physically disgusting. We chatted with actor Tyler James Williams to get all the behind-the-scenes scoop on Noah’s final days, and he revealed how he predicted his own demise, what his final day on set was like, and why he’s excited to get back to watching the show as a fan. (Also make sure to read our exclusive Q&A with Steven Yeun as well as our take on why this latest episode changes everything.)



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