As it flows through the heart of our city, the waters of the Anacostia River touch our lives and landmarks while inviting us to enjoy nature by foot, bike, and boat. Its story begins at our banks and continues into oceans around the world.

This is your river. And it is ours.

For more than 170 years, the Washington Gas family has called DC and the shores of the Anacostia River home. Our ongoing goal is to improve quality of life for our neighbors and for the landscape where we all work, live, and play.

We are proud to have improved the Anacostia and its surrounding areas through donations, tree planting, and trash collection, as well as new bike paths and other infrastructures. Our current partnership with Anacostia Riverkeeper helps to sponsor large-scale volunteer clean-up efforts. Employees, friends, and families have already joined forces in 2022 to remove and recycle more than five tons of glass, plastic, and rubber from the river, with multiple clean-ups scheduled throughout the year.

A river is forever changing, and flexible clean-up practices can help stay in sync with its needs. We support advanced practices to pinpoint root causes of pollution, allowing focused clean-ups that minimize mass dredging.

The vibrancy of the Anacostia River affects us all and ripples well beyond our everyday quality of life. We are honored to be environmental stewards and responsible corporate citizens and thank you for the trust you place in us. Caring for our river is just one way we hope to assist others and give back to our communities.

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