Just a generation ago, may of our family members referred to diabetes as “the sugar.” Medically, diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose or blood sugar is too high. In 2015, 30.3 million people in the U.S. were accounted as being diabetic.

The National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Disease states that there is no cure for diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and/or chronic disease, caused by poor diet. So, of course it’s reversible. You don’t need a magic pill; one only needs discipline. I watched my dad reverse his type 2 diabetes by changing his lifestyle and diet. He no longer injects himself with insulin. I myself was prediabetic. Just as my dad, I changed my lifestyle and diet; which lowered and stabilized my blood glucose. Diet is the key.

Glucose comes from the food we eat; which is converted into blood glucose (the main source of energy); then insulin (pancreas hormone) helps glucose transport to cells from food for energy. When that process is interrupted the result is diabetes.

But what about sugar, diabetes, prevention and health promotion?

• Eliminate sugar from the diet; replace sugar with natural sweeteners, such as agave nectar, maple syrup, date syrup, date sugar or coconut sugar. Do not replace sugar with artificial sweeteners, such as Equal, Sweet N’ Low, NutraSweet or high fructose corn syrup as alternatives.
• Sugar reacts on the same brain receptors as opioids making it highly addictive, more addictive than cocaine.
• Eliminate cigarettes; cigarettes contain sugar, making them highly addictive.
• Sugar affects the reward center (hypothalamus) and interferes with its processes, for example, glucose homeostasis.
• Sugar causes inflammation of the body.
• Eliminate alcoholic beverages.
• Sugar causes cavities.
• Sugar causes damage to the kidneys.
• Sugar contributes to heart disease.
• Sugar increases body weight.
• Sugar contributes to impotency.
• Eliminate candy, baked goods and sugary drinks.

A healthy balanced diet is super important in slowing down or preventing the degeneration of the mind and the body. Eat more alkaline foods and lessen and eliminate acidic forming foods from your diet. Couple that with exercise and you can begin the journey to healing.

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