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It makes me sad to watch impeachment hearings against Donald Trump. I think about how much some people have done to make this country great. For many Americans, the country has never come close to being great, so to have Trump and his supporters run around with caps that say “Make America Great Again” is such an insult to those of us who’ve been cheated, who’ve had their land stolen, whose relatives have been lynched, who’ve never had a fair chance to enjoy even the basics of life.

I have watched hour after hour of testimony that tells us shameful things about those who are elected or appointed to serve our country. The more I watch, the worse I feel about the future of our country. I wonder what it is that causes people like Sens. Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz, as well as Reps. Doug Collins, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert and a few others, to show such disdain for the truth. The loyalty to the Republican Party instead of to our country is shameful. The name-calling by the so-called leader of the free world is outrageous. When their children and grandchildren look at their performance years from now, what will they think? Will they disavow their fathers, grandfathers and a few mothers and grandmothers like Debbie Lesko and Martha Roby?

I look at hardworking people who do their jobs, who tell the truth, who try to make this a better world for their families and for all, and they have to listen to Republican garbage hour after hour making a spectacle of themselves with their clownish behavior.

Our elections are sacred, especially for those who for so long have been denied those fair rights. Just a few days ago only one Republican voted to restore the Voting Rights Act. We have a president who questions every institution that we have worked hard to make America live up to her promises to all, a president who so easily threatens our national security, who obstructs Congress from doing its job and who takes joy in abusing his power. He violates his own oath of office while choosing to support Russia. He even rubs it in our faces by twice bringing Russian officials to the people’s White House! He’s referred to the FBI as scum! He called on the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Trump is again trying to cheat his way back into office after embarrassing us around the world with his lewd behavior. He’s compromised our security so many times. He has seriously diminished our standing in the world, and yet, members of Congress can argue to allow him to continue his abuse of power. His childish and autocratic behavior deserve impeachment and removal from office. Yet, Sen. Graham tells us he’s not even going to look at the evidence! When Sen. John McCain was alive, he kept Graham within the realm of respectability, but now, most of us are seeing a very different person.

So much evidence has piled up to give the American people reasons for getting this man and a lot of his supporters out of office. There can be no plausible reason for Republicans to behave as they are behaving when every day they witness such egregious behavior. It’s OK to label me a “Never Trumper.” I didn’t vote for him and cannot understand those who did. The reason the Republicans don’t want to listen to witnesses and have a real trial is that they have no defense. If this president’s behavior since his entry into the race, is not impeachable, we might as well stop claiming to be a democracy.

Williams is national president of the National Congress of Black Women.

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